Girls 14 White Wins Their Second Tournament of the Season

Our Girls 14 White Premier Team won their second tournament of their season this past Sunday, February 26th. The team went undefeated (4-0).

The team had to fight hard in their last match. They lost the first set and were down 12-19 in the second set. They fought back with determination to win the second set and in the words of assistant coach, Rachel Henry, “We crushed it in the third set.” Coach Willie was with his Power league team for this weekend and so Rachel Henry filled in as head coach, and she got some extra help from Jen Lincoln, who works with our 15 Green Team. The combination of coaches helped the team to victory!

Girls 14 White

Head Coach: Willie Marchesano

Assistant Coaches: Rachel Henry, Jen Lincoln


  • Lyla Cox
  • Lauren Davis
  • Grace Gonsalves
  • Leah Hall
  • Aisha Monhanty
  • Audrey Passalacqua
  • Erika Riedel
  • Libby Ross
  • Roxy Schneider
  • Kate Swan
  • Maren Takeuchi
  • Meg Wykle

For the second time this season, they will get a pizza party! GO DIABLO!