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Co-Head Coach

Sean Stratton

Sean Stratton

Coaching Philosophy

My main goals for the players that I coach are that they improve in the game of volleyball, build confidence, and gain strong communication skills.

CAP I – Certified

I have been involved in coaching sports since I was 14 years old when I was helping my dad coach my older sister’s softball team. I have always had the passion to be a coach and share my experience with others. I have been coaching volleyball for over 30 years. I have coached all levels and I have coached players from 8 to 60 years old.

I have had lots of successes in coaching and not all have come from winning a game. Just the idea that players finally get what I am asking them to do is the greatest gift I can receive. The player will look over towards me with a big smile, and we both know what has just happened.

I have my degree in Physical Education from California State University Long Beach. I’ve taken many things that I learned from my degree and incorporated them into my coaching.

I have always liked this quote that I share with all my teams. ”There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”

Most Recent Coaching Highlights:
(All of the successes below came from dedicated athletes with the support of their parents. I thank all of you for these great years)
• 2018 - NorCal High Performance Coach (March-April 2018 in Pordenone, Italy) - Cornacchia World Cup
• 2017 - NorCal High Performance Coach (July 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL) - USA HP Championships
• 2016 - San Ramon Valley High School - 5th Place in NCS
• 2014 - USAV Junior Nationals - 17th Place in 14 Open Division
• 2016 - San Ramon Valley High School Men’s Varsity - 13 Seasons
• 2014 - Diablo 14 Black - Power League
• 2013 - Diablo 16 You Know - Undefeated in All Leagues
• 2012 - Diablo 18 Green
• 2012 - San Ramon Valley High School - Frosh Team
• 2012 - Diablo 16 Fury - Undefeated in All Leagues (Lost in the finals at Regionals)
• 2012 - San Ramon Valley High School - 5th Place in NCS
• 2011 - Diablo 16 Black - 26th at USAV Junior Nationals
• 2010 - USA Boys High Performance Camp - WI Dells, WI
• 2010 - Diablo 16 Black - 29th at Junior Olympics
• 2008 - USA Boys High Performance Camp - Long Beach, CA
• 2007 - NCVA Boys High Performance 18 and Under Coach (Traveled to Europe)
• 2006 - San Ramon Valley High School Varsity Boys - 3rd Place in NCS
• 2006 - NCVA Boys High Performance - 3rd Place (Sacramento, CA)
• 2005 - NCVA Boys High Performance - 5th Place (Salt Lake City, UT)
• 2005 - San Ramon Valley High School Varsity Boys - NCS Champions (36-0)
• 2005 - Awarded Tri-Valley Herald All Sports Coach of the Year
• 2004 - Awarded Contra Costa Times Coach of the Year
• 2004 - San Ramon Valley High School Varsity Boys - NCS Champions
• 2003 - Diablo 18 Stratton - 5th at Junior Olympics in the 18 Open Division
• 2001 - Diablo 18 Stratton - 11th at Junior Olympics in the 18 Open Division
• 2000 - Diablo 18 Stratton - Undefeated Season in NCVA
• 1999 - Diablo 18 Stratton - 9th at Junior Olympics

Co-Head Coach

Mike Rizarri

Mike Rizarri

I’ve been coaching since I was very young. One of the first things I learned as a player and coach is that if you have a strong base of fundamentals, you will have every tool you need in order to succeed in whatever sport you play.

My coaching philosophy is very simple and that is to make the growth and development of the game my number one concern each and every day. The athletes will learn what it takes to be a team player and develop each and every skill it takes to play this wonderful game of volleyball. As a coach, I will work hard each and every day to improve and expect every player on my team to do the same. My team motto is to always be better than we were yesterday!

2017-2018 Assistant Coach 15/16 Girl’s Premier at Diablo Volleyball Club
2017-2018 Assistant Varsity Coach Benicia High School Girls Volleyball
2017-2018 Head Coach J.V. Benicia High School Girls Volleyball
2016-2017 Assistant Varsity Coach Benicia High School Girls Volleyball

Assistant Coach

Shaelie Murphy

Shaelie Murphy

My volleyball career started when I moved out to California in 7th grade. The second I started playing I immediately fell in love with the game. I played both club (Kamana Volleyball Club, East Bay Volleyball Club, and Diablo Valley Volleyball Club) and school for six years and played one season of beach volleyball (Kamana Volleyball Club).

I graduated from Livermore High School in the Class of 2022. I made varsity my sophomore year as a libero. I was team captain on 5 of my teams. I won Most Improved on my first club team, the Coaches Award on my 16’s club team, and MVP on my freshman high school team.

As far as my coaching philosophy, I just want to make sure that everyone’s having fun while still learning the game and making sure that they always have the support they need to become the players they want to be. My goal is to help players have the best experience with this sport and fall in love with the game just like I did.

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