Girls Division

Girls Power League Teams & Coaches 2023-2024

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Willie Marchesano
Tyler Trolson

Hayley Walsh
Alan Go
Roman Seguerre

Amy Lewis
Henry Santos

Willie Marchesano
Jackie Ponciano-Babb

Jeany Cave
Ellie Beyler

Mike Rizarri
Maci Babb

Hayden Zollars
Vicky Souza

Kenna Moran
Daniella Walker

Sean Stratton
Shaelie Murphy

Girls Premier League Teams & Coaches 2023-2024

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Shaina Steinberg
Miles Thomas

Annaliesse Rivera
Leila Caralos
Nani Speth

Roman Seguerre
Alan Go
Gillian Seguerre

Storee Lute
Aeryn Vaughn

Taylor Pitts
Esha Setty

Brooke Slous
Paige Slous
Wendy Van Dyke

Season Commitment

Tryouts for the girls season are usually held in late July (18s, 17s, 16s, & 15s) and October (14s, 13s, & 12s). Practices will begin in November.

We will try to post practice times online as soon as possible so players and parents can get an idea of the time commitment and days of the week for practices. All teams typically have two practices per week in the gym (2 hours each), and power teams will have an additional one day per week doing SpeedLab training at the COPA Facility (1 hour). Practice times will be posted on the website on each team's page. The times you see listed online and the exact coach placement for each team are subject to change based on tryouts.

The Diablo Power and Premier League teams both participate in the same amount of tournaments and have just about the same amount of time on the court practicing throughout the season as well. All of the Power and Premier League teams will attend the Far Westerns Junior National Qualifier in Reno, Nevada scheduled for April (as long as the coach is able to attend). The teams will participate in their Power or Premier League Tournaments as well as non-league tournaments plus one or two “special tournaments” (ex. President’s Day, Spring Classic, or Cal Kickoff – will depend on coaches schedule and preference) as well as Far Westerns in Reno mentioned above. Some of our Power League teams will participate in an additional Junior National Qualifier. (Additional cost for this tournament.)

Playtime is not always equal and must be earned by each player. Communication between coaches and players is important.

Diablo Chain of Communication:

  1. Player and Coach
  2. Player, Coach, Parents
  3. Player, Coach, Parents, Board Member

The exact cost of the season is subject to change until we get the costs from the NCVA and our gym contracts.

Season Cost Includes:

  • Coaching Fees
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Gym Time
  • Insurance
  • NCVA Team Fees
  • NCVA Coach Membership & NCVA Coach/Chaperone Background Checks
  • Uniforms, Equipment, and other miscellaneous costs to the club

Fees do not include travel to any tournaments that require hotels, airfare, food, or any other transportation costs.

Tournament Sites & Schedules

We sometimes do not know the sites of the tournaments until about a week in advance. As soon as we find out, we will post it on our website, update TeamSnap, and send updates to all the families. Usually, the qualifiers and regional tournaments are held at convention centers.

Power league teams will participate in tournaments anywhere within the Northern California region - that could be Chico to Fresno (or farther south) and anywhere in between!

Premier league teams will participate in tournaments usually within a 60-90 minute drive from Walnut Creek.

Diablo Spirit Wear

Want some extra Diablo gear to wear this season? Ask your coach for the password, and order some additional items from Roshambo today!