Girls 16 Black Digs for Gold

Our Girls 16 Black Team qualified in the Gold Division at Power League #1 this past weekend. The team went into the Qualifier ranked 22nd, and on the first day they took over the 10th seed in a late night match at Cal Expo. The team won the match in two strong sets. They followed up Sunday with another strong match against the 20th seed and in the last match of the day, they lost to the 4th overall seed in the 3rd set 13-15. The team worked hard and played with lots of passion and energy.

The Players of the Tournament for Girls 16 Black were Sterling Parker (MB) and Cat Helgeson (LIB). The whole team played outstanding!

Girls 16 Black

Head Coach: Willie Marchesano

Assistant Coaches: Dean Camberis, Zach First

  • Lauren Brandt (OH)
  • Roxy Cummings (OH)
  • Lexi Daetz (OPP)
  • Jennifer Giron (OH)
  • Rachel Go (S)
  • Maya Hanck (S)
  • Catherine Helgeson (LIB)
  • Grace Higgins (OPP)
  • Emily Ingrassia (MB)
  • Gillian Major (MB)
  • Laurel Park (OPP)
  • Sterling Parker (MB)
  • Gillian Seguerre (LIB/DS)