Girls 16 Black – Cal Kickoff Results

Congrats to our Girls 16 Black team for taking 8th place in the 16 Open Division at the California Kickoff this past weekend. The team started out seeded 30th and after pool play on the first day, they ended 19th. On day 2 they came back strong and took over the 5th seed in a competitive 3 set match. They fought hard to hold their seed but ended up losing in a close 2 set match to end up in 8th place overall. We are very proud of the team!

Girls 16 Black

Head Coach: Brian Fujinaga

Assistant Coaches: Kyle Willhite, Zach First


  • Riana Buchman
  • Samantha Darin
  • Lexi Fraser
  • Jessica Hodson
  • Claire Meniktas
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Cassie Nguyen
  • Sophia Olson
  • Caitlin Putvin
  • Bella Silvestri
  • Claire Tootle