Girls 14 White Wins Big at League #3!

A big shout out to our Girls 14 White team who won big last Sunday in the Gold Division at their League #3 tournament! The team went undefeated (5-0) and jumped from #4 to #1. They have gone 9-1 in their last 10 matches this season after a starting record of 4-6. The team agreed…

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Girls 14 Pink Takes 1st at League #3!

Congratulations to our Girls 14 Pink team for taking 1st place in the Silver Division at League #3! They went undefeated, winning 5 matches and not dropping a single set last Sunday. Some highlights from Coach Storee: Amelia pushed through the tournament as the only setter, running a 5-1 all day and setting 1’s to…

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Girls 16 Black finishes Top-10 at Cal Kickoff!

16 Black Cal Kickoff

Great job to our Girls 16 Black team for a Top-10 finish in the 16 Club Division at Cal Kickoff! They went 7-2 in San Jose this past weekend to finish in 9th place. Nice way to start the season, congratulations players and coaches! Girls 16 Black Head Coach: Hayley Walsh Assistant Coaches: Alan Go…

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Girls 15 Black takes 2nd at Cal Kickoff!

15 Black 2nd Cal Kickoff

Congratulations to our Girls 15 Black team for finishing 2nd in the 15 Open Division at Cal Kickoff! They were undefeated until their championship match which they lost in 3 sets, and went 7-1 overall this past weekend in San Jose. Great job to our players and coaches, what a way to start the season!…

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Girls 15 Green Wins Big at Cal Kickoff!

15 Green Wins Cal Kickoff

Diablo wants to give a big shoutout to our Girls 15 Green team for taking 1st in the 15 Club Division at Cal Kickoff! They went undefeated (8-0) and only dropped 4 sets this past weekend in San Jose. The girls moved up 10 spots from their initial 11 seed and every player contributed with…

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Girls 14 Black Wins Summer Soiree!

Diablo goes 12-0 and takes 1st place out of 85 teams at the Summe Soiree Tournament in Anaheim, CA. A great weekend with great competition. Way to go girls and coaches! We are all very proud of you, and how much you have improved this season. What an accomplishment!

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Girls 14 Black Going for Gold

Diablo is 9-0 after Day 2 of the Summer Soiree in Anaheim, CA, and they will playing in the Gold Bracket tomorrow. Coach Willie said he would paint his nails for Day 3 if the girls won all their matches, so the stakes were high today. Way to follow through! Good luck girls! Thanks you…

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Girls 14 Black Wins Crazy Hair Day!

Diablo has won all their matches on Day 1 of the Summer Soiree in Anaheim, CA. They are currently 6-0 and also won first place for crazy hair day at the tournament! Stay crazy girls!

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