Girls 15 Black Wins Golden State Classic!

We are so proud of our Girls 15 Black team. This past weekend they went 7-0 and won the Golden State Classic in the 15’s Division. The team had two tough matches to end the tournament. In both the Semi match and final match, they won in the third set 16-14.  Such an exciting day for the players, parents, and coaches.  Great job to everyone!

Head Coach: Brian Fujinaga

Assistant Coach: Kyle Willhite


  • Sarah Baeta
  • Jenna Clawson
  • Kelli Griffin
  • Milly John
  • Jojo Locicero
  • Jaden Lucido
  • Erika Riedel
  • Makensie Sauer
  • Grace Summins
  • Tatum Vomund

We also had some other teams that did amazing!

  • Girls 16 East – 3rd Place
  • Girls 14 Black – 5th Place
  • Girls 13 Green – Bracket Division Winners
  • Girls 16 Green – Moved up from 51 to 34
  • Girls 15 Green – Moved up from 25 to 18

We are so proud of all our teams. Keep up the great work!