Premier League Regionals

This past weekend the following teams participated in their last tournament of the season at the Premier League Regionals. They all worked hard and played well.

Premier Teams:

  • Girls 14 White
  • Girls 14 Teal
  • Girls 13 Green
  • Girls 12 Green

Girls 14 White went undefeated and won their tournament. Congrats to the teams and coaches. Way to go!

Girls 14 White

Head Coach: Jessica Mall

Assistant Coach: Bryan Mall


  • Maci Babb
  • Diana Harman
  • Ashley Haskett
  • Katherine Hawkins
  • Maya Jenn
  • Olivia Lewis
  • Susie Lloyd
  • Emma Marken
  • Madeleine Singh
  • Sofia Swatt
  • Dalilah Wiseman
  • Melissa Wright