Boys 18 VVV Wins NCVA Regionals – 2014

A big congratulations goes to our Boys 18 VVV players and coaches for going undefeated this weekend in San Mateo for the Boys 2014 Regionals. It was an amazing weekend. They played Pac Rim 18-1 in the finals and beat them in two sets. We are so proud of the team and coaches!

Boys 18 VVV

Coaches: Mark Bauhs, Steve Siegman, Ron Smith, and Justin Rita


  • Alexis Behrooz
  • Jacob Brannon
  • Jack Cole
  • Yize Dong
  • Julian Egoian
  • Ryan First
  • Owen Karlenzig
  • Jared Kozak
  • Chris McDonough
  • Bailey Mundy
  • Brecon Richards
  • Michael Standring