Brecon Richards Does Diablo Proud!

On Saturday, August 16th, during a match between the USA National team and Iran’s National team took place at the Bren Center of UC Irvine. The Bren Center hosted a sold-out crowd, and the match was broadcast globally to an estimated audience of 30 million viewers. Between the 2nd and 3rd sets, Brecon Richards, outside hitter for our Boys 18 Black VVV team, had the opportunity to attempt a serve receive from one of the USA National Team members.

As the cameras rolled, Brecon took to the court, nerves and all. As Sean Rooney (USA Olympic Team Outside Hitter) selected his victim, Brecon was in the zone, on his toes, in ready position. Sean tossed the ball high and slammed a side-spinning jump serve across the court to a ready Brecon. The ball moved down and left in the blink of an eye, but Brecon was able to pass a perfect “dime” to a waiting setter. Great job Brecon, way to represent Diablo!

Brecon Richards (left) with USA National Team Head Coach John Speraw (right).

USA won the match 3-0 and took the USA Cup.